When someone takes a dump on the others face, and then Jizz's all over them.
"Ahhhhh. I've been Rootbeer Floated"
by Nibs Nutrition May 26, 2009
Top Definition
When someone puts Ice Cream in a glass and pours root beer on it. Tasty, and has nothing to do with sex.
Yum, root beer float.
by Bashe March 04, 2006
upon finishing the activity of an "upper decker" (shitting in the upper tank of someones toilet) you then dump an entire bottle of dishwashing soap in the tank and then flush the tiolet so the bowl fills up with bubbling shit water....
Tom pulled an upper decker on Bills shitter, and I finished it off making it a root beer float!
by STYFFLYNX January 30, 2011
A girl can't make up her mind who she wants to sleep with. She decides to bring both guys home, one black and one white. They have a 3-some with the white guy on top and the black on the bottom.
She couldn't decide so ended up getting root beer floated.
by donjuan2015 August 23, 2014
When a man comes inside of a dirty ads and the creampie is Brown from shit topped with the sweet confection of cum, resembling a Root beer float
God damn! That chicks ass was so dirty or fucking ended with a Root beer float
by Edonah February 23, 2015
When someone bends over, ass up in the air. You spread there ass hole open and piss directly into it. The shit and piss froth up, giving it the appearance of a Rootbeer Float.
"Ewa was a good little whore so I delighted her evening with a cleaveland steamer and a Rootbeer Float."
by maskedrolla November 13, 2006
is a type of sexual play that occurs when one partner has diahrea, either naturally or threw means of enema, and shits in a glass. Then the male partner is arroused to the point of ejaculation and creates a nice foamy topping of jism. Afterwards either partner drinks it.
"Maybe you wanna come over for a rootbeer float?"
by Special Specialist August 13, 2007
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