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When you see someone you wanna fuck but you know for one reason or another you'll never be able to. You wind up with 'root rage.'
You pay your rent on a Saturday and the receptionist is showing her cleavage , and you know you wanna fuck her , but you know that you'll never be able to. Now , when you go back and crack a beer with your mate and talk about it , its . "Man paid the rent saw this chick and now i got fuckin root rage"
#root #sex #fuck #rage #want
by smokeyvic December 06, 2013
10 Words related to root rage
1) Spontaneous and aggressive use (or threats to use) UNIX administration power to punish users with lesser privileges.

Most often resulting from an overblown ego and heightened sense of self importance linked to root privileges.

2) A cavalier attitude toward others with lesser user privileges.

A characteristic of most Unix System Administrators.
"I got another email from our unix sysadmin threatening to pull me from the sudoers list. He must be having another root rage day"

#unix #root #ego #sysadmin #system #administrators
by tt852 October 04, 2006
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