1 to steal something from a restaurant for home or personal use.

2. to wear an article of clothing for an extended period of time in an effort to save on cleaning costs.

ORIGIN Recent Midwest English : from the television personality Andrew Aitken Andy ‘Rooney’.

In his CBS segment called 'Andy Knows How to Save' Andy Rooney advocates thrifty living by taking dinner rolls, wearing dirty clothing & other socially frowned upon behavior in an effort to save money.
Did you rooney some creamers and sugar for home?

Dude how long to you plan to rooney that shirt - it stinks!
by wandagoner March 11, 2010
Top Definition
To Rooney someone is to stamp on someones balls
Or to be Rooneyed is to get red carded and sent home in shame!
Rooney was unrepentant after stamping on that guys nuts!
by Tartan Terror July 29, 2006
An amazing, yet violent (thus very fun to watch), football player who currently plays for Manchester United and England. The best young talent to ever play in England's football pitches.
Commentator 1: "Oops did that guy just get knocked out by Rooney?"
Commentator 2: "yes, he did it again!!" 'smiling proudly'
by 007guy January 27, 2006
To lose one's temper and commit a violent act, especially during a sporting event.
I thought he'd fouled me so I turned around and did a Rooney on him.

I came home, smelling of beer and covered with lipstick, and the wife went Rooney on me.
by Mr. T.P. July 03, 2006
- A football (soccer) player for Man United who looks a bit like shrek
- A bad temper normally resulting in a red card
- A word used by kids playing football
And rooney scores...

Rooney takes this one too far thats a red card and england are a man down

ohhhhh hes scored a rooney
by Ash1402 July 06, 2006
Awesome band hailing from California. Their first cd has an awesome sound reminiscent of the Beach Boys...however, their second cd is more poppy and a bit different. Still awesome though.

Band Members:
Robert Schwartzman (main vocals/guitar)
Taylor Locke (guitar)
Ned Brower (drums)
Louis Stephens (keyboard)
Matt Winter (bass)
Person 1: Did you see Rooney play on their summer tour?
Person 2: Yeah, it was awesome. I really liked their cover of "Helter Skelter."
by doodlepuff November 15, 2008
weird, strange unusual bizarre
Did you see his reaction? It was really rooney. She is acting rooney
by gal_n_the_city January 11, 2009
When somebody laughs but in a high pitch and trying not to show any teeth.
"He had a pure rooney laugh"
by TomDean February 16, 2012
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