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Like all other Chav like Tax scrounging parasites (Benefit Cheats) of the UK, except with more money, more bling and a bigger council House (actually more houses aswell!)
Conversation in the royal family household(s):
Big Queen Vic: whose cumin out 4 a ride in da roll's royce I as just got dis well bangin album frm woolies wif da tax paye..err I mean my money. Tis called Chico Tym

Blingin Prince Arry: rrrr, that is some well bangin shit nan
by tommy060289 June 01, 2006
is not a crime!

one of the few things, thats fun but not a crime
'but sarge, that dirty old woman shouldn'y have been looking in the first place, besides, im sure its not her first experience of masturbation''
by tommy060289 July 14, 2006
Someone who works full time at Mcdonalds or has worked there far to long
my friend james dropped out of uni to go work at mcdonalds, what a mclifer
by tommy060289 July 13, 2006
King of the internet! with help from Pipex
I am David Hasselhoff, KING OF THE INTERNET!
by tommy060289 August 06, 2006
a fat scouse bin man
rooney, built like a boxer you say XD luks more like a rice pudding to me
by tommy060289 July 12, 2006
what comes out when a girl with a speech tries to explain that she has a sandy thong
oh dear, after coming off that beach I have a sandi thom
by tommy060289 July 12, 2006
A Magazine for boy racers which takes perfectly good cars (or crap ones like corsa's or Nova's) and makes than worse than my grandma's tits (if they don't look crap in the first place - eg Nova)
If your car appears in Max power, then people probably think 'what a dickhead!' when you drive past
by tommy060289 July 27, 2006

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