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a woman worth dying for, most likely out of your league, and once you have, you should never let go.
now that I have a ronna, i can't bare to lose her.
by dungeonmaster2o2 July 05, 2011
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Hot exotic woman that is totally awesome and the life of the party. Smart, fun and a great person. Often mistaken for a brazillian super model.
Check out that girl she is a total ronna!
by gavintottie August 27, 2008
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when a slut steals your boyfriend and keeps him locked up in her closet, not because she really wants him, but for her own entertainment.
girl 1 : dude, where's my boyfriend ? i haven't seen him in weeks !

girl 2 : i bet you that bitch ronna-ed him.
by lord monster March 21, 2008
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