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From the cartoon Kim Possible! Best Friend of Kim Possible (K.P.) He likes creating Nacos and likes to eat at Buano Nacho. He has a pet naked mole rat-Rufus! and he always watches K.P.'s back!
"Nacho meets Taco, I call it the Naco!"
"Rufus isn't a pet, he's family."
by Lars Honeytoast September 30, 2003
a person that tries to stop a person from gettin some dick or pussy also see cockblocker
kk:man that bitch diamond is a fuckin ron stoppable
nana: fucks yea
by rema July 31, 2007
the nicest, most pure hearted guy you'll ever meet. plus, he has a very cool pet naked mole rat, Rufus, and an awsome best friend Kim Possible.
fav ron quotes

"they took his banjo!"
- Coach Possible
"Yah, ya know, it might be another 4,5, or 6 more weeks..."
-Naked Genius
"I got the MAD LOVE fo' the MEATCAKES!!"
- A sitch in time
"Kim, Drakken's in the house, is this really a good time to fix your make-up?
by Katie April 15, 2004
Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, (ten minutes later) really, really cool/funny/cute/stupid side kick to Kim Possible. I only wish they were more than just best friends... He has a little naked mole-rat named rufus and loves to eat at Bueno Nacho. Ron is pretty cute for a cartoon (bite me) and has a loveable personality.
My Favorite Ron Quotes:

"Okay, when the chips are down, Ron Stoppable takes charge! Now which one of these pedal thingies do I step on to make it go-go?" -Car Trouble

"So as you see from this very conclusive demonstration, it's not so much that I lost control of the car, as it is they built the gym to close to the parking lot." -Car Trouble

"Hi. I'm Ron. And that's R to the O to the Hizz-N! Yup-yup!" -The Golden Years

"Tok-y-o! I love the French!" -Crush

"Oh, Fuji. Why does it always have to be monkeys? Why can't I ever be attacked by crazed supermodels?" -Exchange

"Leave her alone! It's her turn! Taking turns is a basic foundation of Pre-school! The jungle law of Day-care is behind us." -A Sitch In Time (Amazingly, that's a younger Ron. Maybe he got dumb as he grew up)

"Kim, you put the 'neat' in 'incognito'! -A Sitch In Time
by Andie Featable December 28, 2003
kim possibles best friend and sidekick. Not to mention as of the premire of "so the drama" her boyfriend. *sigh* WHY CAN'T EVERY MAN BE LIKE THAT!?
ron stoppable and kim possible forever
by Anonymous April 12, 2005
The supreme mystical monkey master. In season 4 finale, when every hope almost gone, he single-handly defeated the aliens and thus saved the world.
Sense: you're the monkey master.
Ron Stoppable: i am?
Sense: um huh.

Shego: i'm not sure, but i think the sidekick just stepped up... monkey style.
by kopa September 28, 2007
from the show kim possible has a pet naked mole rat named rufus that is cute. has kp's back 24/7 he and her will be friends for life awesome dude creator of the naco. was the manager for bueno nacho for a day. and loves wrestling he's faveortie is steel toe.
ron dude the naco rocks.
by Patrick Dron November 30, 2003