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(Rawm-ped) To be sexually arroused. A word used to describe a horny state of being. To have a desire to fuck a person (or object, animal, etc.) In the fuckhole. A secret word to tell someone you are horny.
Boy: look at this spider on my leg!!
Girl: im romped.

Boy: lets do it.
by A MINOR DETAIL May 11, 2009
To verbally, physically, or mentally destroy someone. This word can be used to describe or as an action
Jack:Yo Billy! Did you see Albright get romped by Randel?
Billy: Yeah that rompage was brutal!
by Joey RR February 05, 2007
to completely annihilate your opponent in a online video game.
Last night I was playing Halo and I romped this guy so bad the score was 25-3.
by Blazeablunt September 14, 2007
To be humped
John was romped by a stump
by ROmper August 16, 2003
To be given free, extra or more shit when someone gives something to you.
"My friend at Maccas romped me 12 chicken nuggets when I bought a 6 pack."
"He romped me an extra large cone 'coz it was my b'day."
"I got romped a free T-shirt, 'coz I bought so much shit."
by Diego August 26, 2003
a sexual activty
torrie romped jess
by jess August 14, 2003