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1. A small roll of pickled herring fillet.

2. Extended labia that have been tucked into underwear to prevent unslightly exposure.
1. He wished he hadn't eaten those rollmops before going on the boat.

2. Skip it, she's packing rollmops!
by TheBrit February 06, 2007
a rollmop is some one who has to reaffirm their ability to forget things. if they dont remember to foget then they create a paradox which could indeed destroy humanity.
dane rayment fogot to foget for a while but lucky remembered just in time. the only problem was that this was also a paradox in its self. the only thing which kept existance in existance was the eventual reasoning that with out existance there would be no need for him to remember things anyway because there would be nothing to remember. with this thought in his mind existance as we know it has been able to carry on as normal which dane will never forget to remember to forget
by james flunder February 03, 2005
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