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Mythical stern female who visits when your turbo is about to shit itself.
My car's making a nasty whining noise, is it teh Turbolady?
by TheBrit March 07, 2005
1. A small roll of pickled herring fillet.

2. Extended labia that have been tucked into underwear to prevent unslightly exposure.
1. He wished he hadn't eaten those rollmops before going on the boat.

2. Skip it, she's packing rollmops!
by TheBrit February 06, 2007
To leave an established Internet forum (usually after getting annoyed with the influx of n00bs) and join a fledgling alternative forum to talk bollocks and moan about life, the universe and everything.
He couldn't stand the n00bs asking which chip is better, so he decided to retire.
by TheBrit March 07, 2005

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