Something that Joe Scarborough says a lot on his tv show.
Next up I'll be reading your Emails! Roll Tide! Roll Tide! Roll Tide!
While performing the art of love of the canine persuasion, the man quickly pulls his member from his partners fleshy crevace, spreads her cheeks, and hocks a big one in her anus. Then, WITHOUT PERMISSION, jams his member into said anus with intent to wreck. *Note: Chafing will ensue*
"Dude, I totally Roll Tided two bitches last nite. You could say I completely wrecked'em... and now my balls stink."
by Cay Ronner/Rhenna Jodes Inc. June 18, 2009
roll of toilet paper taped to a box of laundry detergent
you bammers do have the perfect duo there...toilet paper taped to a
Tide* can wipe your ass and wash the streaks out of your
boxers when Auburn beats the "shit" out of you guys
by pughkat April 28, 2005
A slang word used to describe the STD gonorrhea. Usually applied to those who are from Alabama.
"Don't go near that girl she is roll tide."
by Srostitute May 10, 2009
A completely uneducated saying a toothless redneck would say even though Alabama has not been a national powerhouse in football since the Bear left.
Bama is number one. We will win a national championship. Bear Bryant is alive. Roll Tide!!
by Ben September 27, 2004
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