When you going to stomp out some dudes
with some homees.
In how many cars you have going to the place to meet that are from your side.
"We were rollin 3 cars deep"
by jdub December 11, 2002
Used to describe having sex with a fatty.
Last night I was so hard up I had to roll deep.
by Dave December 16, 2004
Burning a hole in your jeans to prove you are true to your friends.
We are tight because we roll deep.
by ibp October 18, 2004
Reclining your seats in your car as far back as possible so that you can no longer see the road ahead, but at least you look "cool!"
"Lez roll deep and bump Will Smith, then all the bitches 'be flauting!"
by DR. DAVIS December 25, 2004
roll deep aint shit your mum is bro
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
to rool deep into a vagina
I rolled deep in your mom
by ^that guy right there^ December 17, 2004

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