What Ben Midgly always did after some scalls sparked him in the eyepiece with a pool cue. He was neva gna b caught shallow again.
Ahmed - "look theres ben"
Gary - "yeh he's rolling deep"
by Pirate August 22, 2004
when you roll deep with somebody it means you hang around with them on a regular basis and they are a true friend
i roll deep with shelly, she is a true friend
by Ashleigh September 06, 2003
Rollin deep means when your keepin everyfin on da low key keepin ur buisness in yor crew
Our crew just rolls deep
by ReViM AkA BaBy BaD BoY July 02, 2004
East ldn crew from E8 and E3
proper good
wiley kat, titchy strider,danny weed,carnage...........ROLLIN' DEEP
by maq January 26, 2004
to ride in an automobile with a large number of individuals
You see we rollin deep, going to eat some chicken with five of my closest friends.
by Gary April 18, 2003
a clik that wiley is a part of
" u shud of bin down dat party last fri it was heavy. roll deep were der. dey got da party rollin. u no wat i meen blad"
by dabiatch2endallbiatchs December 24, 2004
1. The action of rolling head over heels into a fathomless, bottomless pit into eternity.
2. Rolling a burrito into something useful, like a facility.
1. "Wow! Looks like Seth Grundhoefer really rolled deep on that one! I haven't seen him in weeks!"
2. "Holy crap! Logan Sibrel just rolled that burrito deep into a bomb/pencil sharpener. He must have learned it in his roll deep class."
by Starsky Bootch October 21, 2004

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