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A very small person or amount; tiny. Originated from a famous music hall comedian from the late 1800s named "Little Tich," who was about four feet tall. Not to be confused with tetchy (irritable).
I went out with that boy again last night, and he sure was titchy, so I dumped him!

Give me just a titch more coffee.
by pearadvocate June 23, 2005
When ur titty itches, and you itch it and someone judges you.
* glares *
" well damn bih i'm sorry that it titchy. "
by Soomy July 09, 2015
Cranky, unpleasant. Irritable.
I want to go home because my grandma had some bad prune juice and now she's being all titchy at me.
by Kitten December 19, 2004
Description of when someone has itchy breast/nipple area(s).

From tit+itchy
PMS girl: I'm warning you- I'm PMSing and totally titchy!"
Guy: "So now is not a great time to tell you I crushed your cat having sex with another girl on the floor!"
by assai August 10, 2009
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