"Rule of Law" the state of society when all services are online in a community: power, water, emergency services.
After hurricane Katrina much of Louisiana lost ROL
by opie308 May 16, 2010
Stands for Rape-Out-Loud. Used only online as an acronym. Never used in real world conversation.
"did ya hear what happened in the showers last night after school?"

"Yeah ROL"
by flclimax1 September 17, 2007
Retch Out Loud. Used in both online and real-life conversations to describe something that is disgusting.
Dude 1: Did you hear about those two guys who got caught munging down at the cemetery?

Dude 2: Yeah, ROL!
by Frooli February 18, 2011
Abbreviation of "rire-ing out loud" among American students of the French language, "rire-ing" being a combination of the French verb "rire" (to laugh) and the English present participle suffix "-ing." This is then used to replace "laughing" in the common internet abbreviation LOL
This is considered Franglais.
Celine: puis, I told her, "Je care pas."
Cossette: ROL yer so méchante.
by Cossette729 February 25, 2009
"Rock out loud" used by white people with hand sign (the one with the middle finger and the ring finger go under the thumb and the index finger and pinkey are out stretched). Also said as "rolers".
"Dude ACDC is the sweetest band of all time!"
"Dude I agree most defintely"
by MJ Kip March 02, 2006
"Raged Out Loud"
When something or someon has made you so angry you literally go ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH out loud.
James: The bank told me on the phone that they're charging me £5 a day and currently owe them £150 for going over my overdraft limit, and I just went ARGGGGGGHHHH at the advisor and hung up.
Will: Haha dude that was totally a ROL moment.
by Willeh85 August 26, 2010
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