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the mixture of "rofl" (rolling on floor laughing) and "lol" (laughing out loud). forming "rol" (rolling out loud).. mostly used with extended use of the letter r.
"yaeh maen, eye oan.. rrrrrrrrol"

"your a faphat, rrrrrrol"
by rrrol July 24, 2003
a small alien spaceship that has something to do with elvis ¿
"wow look at that boonite"

".tofu is such a boonite"
by rrrol July 24, 2003
A sticky moist substance which is expelled from the end of a manpole when payed close attention by its owner.

Some other deviations of the word are: boyghurt and toddleghurt.
Oh no! I've got manghurt in my eye!

Tofu loves to eat up all his manghurt after supper.
by rrrol January 21, 2004
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