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Royal Farms, like a High's or a 7 Eleven.
Hey, can we stop at the RoFo on the way? I'm thirsty.
by Melissa February 02, 2005
Kangaroo Fucker

AUSTRALIAN SLANG particularly prevelant in suburban Melbourne.

As in Roo-Fo
from mofo
BLoke1: "Awww mate! That kanga o'er here would be perfect for me barbie."

Bloke2: "Naahhh mate! That roo is for rooting, crikey, you havent got an eye for this 'av ya?

BLoke1: "Mate your a fuckarn rofo!"
by Barfo October 15, 2008
Romantic's Forum on Craigslist.
I RoFo'd all day instead of working.
by Badnewsbears January 09, 2008
The Acronym for Rock On or F*** Off. Created by a southwestern US motocross team in 2010.

Also used for: "recognize", "good job", "hello", and "goodbye"
Man, you stomped them in that last heat, ROFO MOFO!!!

I got to go, ROFO.

You ROFO'd that dude in the third lap.

ROFO punk!
by Rock On Racing March 27, 2012
a shorter way of saying Royal Farms (the convienent store) used by the drunk college kids with the munchies at Washington College or anyone in MD
WAC kid 1:I'm so flipping hungry man and it's too late to go to the dining hall.
WAC kid 2:Dude, two words--Ro Fo
WAC kid 1:sweet
by WACkid April 25, 2005
Rob Ford's insincere apology - multiple times, over the past few months.
be sincere in your apology. Don't RoFo it.
by torontonian_223 December 18, 2013
Rolling On Floor Orgasming
The dude was so into it he rofo'd!
by rofo August 06, 2003