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Kangaroo Fucker

AUSTRALIAN SLANG particularly prevelant in suburban Melbourne.

As in Roo-Fo
from mofo
BLoke1: "Awww mate! That kanga o'er here would be perfect for me barbie."

Bloke2: "Naahhh mate! That roo is for rooting, crikey, you havent got an eye for this 'av ya?

BLoke1: "Mate your a fuckarn rofo!"
by Barfo October 15, 2008
119 28
Romantic's Forum on Craigslist.
I RoFo'd all day instead of working.
by Badnewsbears January 09, 2008
139 116
The Acronym for Rock On or F*** Off. Created by a southwestern US motocross team in 2010.

Also used for: "recognize", "good job", "hello", and "goodbye"
Man, you stomped them in that last heat, ROFO MOFO!!!

I got to go, ROFO.

You ROFO'd that dude in the third lap.

ROFO punk!
by Rock On Racing March 27, 2012
28 8
a shorter way of saying Royal Farms (the convienent store) used by the drunk college kids with the munchies at Washington College or anyone in MD
WAC kid 1:I'm so flipping hungry man and it's too late to go to the dining hall.
WAC kid 2:Dude, two words--Ro Fo
WAC kid 1:sweet
by WACkid April 25, 2005
21 12
Rob Ford's insincere apology - multiple times, over the past few months.
be sincere in your apology. Don't RoFo it.
by torontonian_223 December 18, 2013
6 2
Royal Farms, like a High's or a 7 Eleven.
Hey, can we stop at the RoFo on the way? I'm thirsty.
by Melissa February 02, 2005
86 117
Rolling On Floor Orgasming
The dude was so into it he rofo'd!
by rofo August 06, 2003
22 96