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When the action of pwnage leads to roflage. This can be done by having a moment of severe pwnage that insues in a great deal of laughter.
Omg, that kid's mother just t-bagged her son! Roflpwnt!
by Pwnxorz November 05, 2007
39 6
roflpwn is the act of taking someone's ego and progressing to place it into a blender with a small amount of lolitwist and running it through frappé.
1) That customer needed help configuring his spam assassin installation to filter our Russian porn. ROFLPWN! *unsupported*
by netster403 December 06, 2006
29 16
rolling on the floor laughing owning worthless noobs
roflpwn:owning someone and laughing so hard you fall out of your chair
by therealmatrixfox January 10, 2008
9 12