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to simultaniously laugh and pwn sum1 all in one try.

or to be pwned and than laughed at
wow i just roflpwned that nub, what a chach
by dontbeachach May 19, 2009
What happens when someone gets hurt, ripped, or burnt so bad that everyone in the area must roll around on the ground laughing at what just happened.
Man 1: *Runs into small metal pole"
Man 2: "ROFL PWNED!"

Man 1: *Whips man 2 in the eye*
Man 3: "Don't worry, I'll get him"
Man 2: "No, I've got it covered"... *walks over to man 1 and gives him a sweeny*
by Assassin Mr X November 18, 2007
When faced with an experience of immense failure causing others to roll on the floor laughing at you screaming the words "owned", "pwned", or "you suck".
Dude you just got roflpwned.
by ZackKerp April 01, 2009
When someone was pwned in a very funny way.
Your friend accidently dropped the bomb... Roflpwned!
by Megaryuu April 30, 2008
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