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1.First made up by a Ouchemoma through Counter strike source
2. Came from roffl(rolling on the floor f*cking laughing) and the rhyming word waffle.
3. most commonly used as roffl my waffle
Example one:Ouchemoma: Everyone press f10 to get uber low lag?
Vivaldi:sweet low LAG*presses f10*
Vivaldi has logged out(disconnect by user)
Ouchemoma:roffl my waffle what a nub
by binski July 01, 2005
it's basically the already bastardized word "rofl" (Rolling On Floor Laughing) totally slaughtered into Roffles Waffles which means the same thing but doesnt really make sense. Just more fun to say I suppose.
Person 1: "OMG LOL"


Me: "fuck off you cunts"
by Dysfunction September 11, 2003
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