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A roda (pronounced Hah-da) is translated from Portuguese as "circle." A "roda" is commonly used in the Afro-Brasilian martial art capoeira, and it is basically the circle where two capoeiristas (capoeira participants) play against each other.

Roda's are typically made by group of capoeiristas and they clap along to the music playing. There are numerous occasions for roda's to be made-for fun, for more formal events such as baptizados, and for capoeirstas from different groups to experience capoeira as a whole.
New capoeiristas should try to step into a roda, even if it might be scary at first; the experience gained from it is great!
by FinalProphecy December 01, 2006
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RODA stands for red open dog anus. Most mammals can have analogously described excretory openings, such as ROCAs (for cats), ROMAs (for monkeys), and even ROPAs (for persons)
I wish I hadn't clipped my doberman's tail because now his RODA is always on display.
by R. Nald July 29, 2012
What you would say when playing Yi-Gi-Oh and you use the card 'Reinforcements of the Army' or when something stupid happens and you have nothing else to say.
Alex: "I play Reinforcements of the Army."

Aymen: "RODA!"

Joe: "On my way home I saw Robert get hit by a horse-drawn train."

TJ: "Roda."
by infrint13 May 21, 2009

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