any cylandrical object
He was holding onta a rod
by Rod Munch August 12, 2003
R.O.D. "retired on duty." Someone who does as little work as possible, acts like he as already retired.
Man, that lazy bastard R.O.D. thinks he as aleady retired. Problem is, he still gets a pay check each week!!
by big-dick-brit October 01, 2006
a big ass dick that can fuck girls just how they want there pussy to get fucked. hard and smooth. a penise bigger than size 6 for dicks.
that girl wanted my rod because she new it would fuck her right.
by from ur hood July 01, 2011
(Roll Over Desk) when a person is sitting at a desk and their stomach rolls over the desk. a spin off of ROB (Roll Over Belt
Dam Alexsandra, your ROD is almost touching the keyboard
by Rob G'z September 03, 2008
A pipe used for smoking marijuana. Sometimes also referred to as a Hitter, One Hitter etc...
Yo man want to go smoke a rod?
by Willow September 19, 2005
rod meaning a car
used in edmonton n18
manz got a new rod with blacked out tintz
by nueve November 29, 2004
Firearm.Origin Northern Ireland.
What ye searching for ye brit bastard, I ain't carrying no rod!
by Steve CHUTER November 03, 2006
Short for nimrod or ramrod; but it's just a rod...
Last night I thought my friend was a tool - but I realized he was the entire toolshed, no, not the toolshed, he was the biggest ROD in the toolshed.

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