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Rocketshipping is where fans of Pokemon (or Team Rocket) believe that Jessie(Musashi)and James(Kojiro)have a hidden fondness for each other. But there have been many hints to this.
Come on people! You know they hug every five seconds! There have been no end of signs that point to this conclusion of Rocketshipping. Do you see Ash and Misty hugging, even in the worst possible situation? Nope. And the famous episodes like "Holy Matrimony" and "Good quil hunting" is just too obvious.
by Alexandra*~ March 29, 2006
The shipping name given to the romantic relationship of Musashi and Kojiro (Jessie and James) from Pokemon/Pocket Monsters.
I hate 4Kids Entertainment. They took out all the Rocketshipping hints in the episode "Holy Matrimony"!
by Musashi-chan May 28, 2005
Rocketshipping is when Pokemon/Pocket Monsters fans have beliefs that James and Jessie are in love or in a romantic relationship.
From "Training Daze":

James: *falls onto Jesse*
Jessie: Hey! *blushing* (blushing is a common sign of any kind of Pokemon shipping, in this case rocketshipping)
by PokemonResource April 14, 2010
Pronounced rocket-ship-ing
Definition- The act of filling ones diaper to maximum capacity in less than one second. This often results in baby shit slipping past the barrier of the diaper and contaminating everything around it.
Example- "Why does Zach always seem to rocketship his diaper 5 seconds after his mother hands him to me?

Example- " If the twins keep rocketshipping like this we'll have to start covering everything in plastic.
by 1manwolfepack August 07, 2013
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