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5 definitions by butterflyhitman

Coming from the Jason Mraz song butterfly, butterfly means pussy or vagina.
Damn man, I saw some nudes on her and she has the nicest butterfly... Like top two most def.

Did you get to see her butterfly?
Yeh man, but that girl needs to take a shave down there. It's nice but its like a butterfly in the Amazon rainforest.
by butterflyhitman April 02, 2009
A way of flicking someone off but when you flick them off, you move your right hand up and leave your left hand behind, wiggling the fingers making it look like a rocketship taking off.
Kendal: That asshole just cut me off!
Jake: Pull up and I'll rocketship that douche.
by butterflyhitman April 11, 2009
The stubble commonly sported by douchebags. It is the guy that can grow a full beard, but only shaves once or twice a week because he's to cool to care. Seen on Tom Cruise and Adam Levine.

WARNING! Not all people sporting douchebag stubble are douchebags. Tom Cruise, yes; Adam Levine, no.
You: Did you see Tom Cruise in that new movie?

Me: Hell no, I'm not seeing that crap. He's got douchebag stubble in it.
You: Yeah, he needs to either find a razor or just grow a full beard!
Me: What a douchebag.
by butterflyhitman May 21, 2009
Flirt Skank. A girl who flirts with every guy nomatter what and has no intention on following through on anything.
Person A: Did you see Debi all up on Robby? I thought he had a girlfriend!
Person B: Yeh, but its no biggie, Debi's a flank man.
by butterflyhitman May 02, 2009
What you say to a dog when you are telling them to attack! English equalivent to Get Them.
by butterflyhitman June 25, 2009