An incredibly horrible show that Nickelodeon thinks is "cool". Words that are considered 'cool' used in the show are:

1. Major beef (when someone falls)
2. leik DuuuDDEE!!111!!!
3. Poundage
4. And much more.

And not only that, to make it seem 'cooler', the words have its own screen with flowing colors. Pathetic. Poor expressions, bad story plots, and EVERYONE in the world can skateboard, do tricks, and speak in "cool". IT'S SENSELESS! The music also stinks, and everyone acts like the 4 main characters are ALWAYS the leader. -_-;;
Otto: oMG leik dood!!!11!!!1!!
Regi: oh teh n0z otto u being baaaddd
Sam: i teh smartz. i teh cool and skatebordn
by RP Hater! September 06, 2004
I remember this show. It was a failed attempt by 40 year olds who live with their mothers to try and emulate cool. That cartoon was impossibly stupid, every character was annoying, the cool catchphrases were stupid (what the fuck is a shooby?), and I really wanted to murder that annoying twister kid, what a fucking retard.
Rocket Power sucked
by Mr. Zimpy December 28, 2009
a really stupid and gay show. The main characters (Otto, Regie (sp?), Twister, and Sam AKA The Squid) are like fucking 9 year olds and they already can master skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing, biking, etc. (Except Sam cuz hes a pansy and his mothers an over-protective soccer mom.)If 8 or 9 year olds watch this stupid cartoon, they might get the idea that they too can skateboard, rollerblade, etc. and end up breaking their puny neck. "ITS ROCKET POWERS FAULT!"
Don't watch Rocket Power...please. It'll poison your mind.
by TeHbEsT July 27, 2005
A gay show with some poser kids and really bad animation.
Faggot;Woa dude did u see that one episode wear they did all those totaly xtreme and radical tricks on there aggressive inline skates?

Skater;I dont like fruit booters, its fucking gay like u.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
a really stupid overrated Nickelodeon TV show about a bunch of retards that does nothing but talk about sports, sports, sports, and sports...They don't read. They don't draw. They don't go to school. They must've been on a disability or welfare check since the main character's father runs a crummy old fast-food shack!
Person #1: What's your favorite Nickelodeon show?

Person #2: As Told by Ginger. Too bad I have to wait till 6:00pm every single damn day to watch my favorite show and had to go thru being forced to watch the crappy overrated show Rocket Power!

*Rocket Power scene*

Squid: Hey guys, wanna do some reading?

Otto Rocket: Duh, I am too retarded to read 'cause I am gay. Let's go skateboardin' at my dad's crummy old shack and have a gay orgy with Twister and his older brother Lars.

Twister: I'm in!

Reggie: I need a sex change to participate ;)
by legs21 April 14, 2010
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