An attractive girl.
"Guys, I spotted a whole swarm of rockets on my run this morning. Must've been the swim team."

1:"Was she cute?"
2:"Hells yeah, son, she was a total rocket."

"This town must have a rocket factory somewhere, these girls are beautiful!"
by Chandler1984 March 15, 2009
Another term for cigarette. Word created by spydy. Used by many.
Got any rockets in those pockets?
by Spydanator June 29, 2010
Person who Is Not Too Bright
wet u doin ya rocket
by Rocket101 January 08, 2008
Used by Scottish adolescent female neds (coco banjinos) who believe they are clever, fashionable and good looking to describe other Scottish adolescent female neds who the aforementioned see as downright ugly, very unfashionable and completely stupid.
Beat it ya Rocket afore ah launch ye!
by Von123 October 24, 2006
Danish brand of filter tipped cigarettes made by House of Prince. Sold in packs of 40
Pass us the Rockets please
by Beanqueen August 26, 2007
A device for smoking cannabis consists of a a bottle, plastic bag, sellotape
Lord cull that was a beast of a rocket i collapsed a lung.

Get e rockets filled biy.
by ganja89 September 08, 2010
A stupid person. Sarcastic reference to someone being a rocket scientist.
That guy is a real rocket.
by yo mama September 11, 2003

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