Roger "Rocket" Clemens, the best pitcher on the best team in baseball.
Pedro Martinez: "I wish i could pitch like rocket"
by Boone October 17, 2003
Legendary pitcher who plays for the Housten Astros.
The Rocket is considered one of baseball's best all-time pitchers.
by Jason Schrier October 15, 2005
pussy or vagina
yo that guy is such a rocket.
by yo mama :- July 25, 2008
Inserting a whole non-crushed pill into the rectum in order to experience the pills effect for longer duration with lower peak. The pill in question is usually X.
Man, I just rocketed that roll.
by Digital D February 21, 2005
It's what comes out of a Glock, of course.
"Mack spinnin wit the piece in my pocket, people hop out, I'm releasin a rocket"

- Chingy
by dade3933 August 31, 2004
a term used by Jamie Oliver for lettuce
put a bit of rocket on that, yeah?
by Telephone45 July 10, 2008
my cock; a space vehicle
My cock looks like a rocket, girls. Suck on those huge fuel tanks...
by sukebe December 13, 2006

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