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1. a stone; hard somewhat circular shaped peice of hard earth people often throw these at people for a friendly hello.
2. music (classic rock is the best kind)
I'm gonna throw a rock at your head!

Pink Floyd and led zeppelin are the best classic rock bands ever!
by honky October 25, 2003
1. A type of Music
2. A kind of complement.
3. A stone, Something to throw at people.
4. A type of sugary sweet in a stick shape, generally found at the seaside.
5. Crack cocaine
6. Slang word for Basket ball.
1. *Listening to music* "Rock on duudde!"
2. "You rock my socks!"
3. "Hey! Stop throwing rocks at me!"
4. Katy was sucking her stick of rock on the beach.
5. *inhale* that's some good rock man...
6. Imma go shoot some hoops with that rock."
by The Annonymus Penguin March 10, 2008
When your dick is on hard.
Damn, all dat ass on her got me on rock.
by fredys February 01, 2008
To wear something, or to already be wearing something.
Hey I got some new True Religions...
Really? Are you gonna rock them on Monday?

Damn Johnny is rockin his 7's today!
by Andy Nim June 20, 2007
Sub-genre of popular music characterised by a regular beat and the use of melodic and harmonic strains derived largely from the blues and country music. Originally, in the 1950s, it fell into one of two categories - Rock 'N' Roll (rhythm and blues tailored for a white audience) or Rockabilly (similar but with the country/hillbilly influence to the fore.) Before long new variations of the form began to emerge and, considered as a whole, have been the dominant kind of popular music up to the present time.
If it's nu-alterna-punk-emo-indie music...why does it sound like rock?
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
We must save rock.. pleeeaaassseee! people we have to fight...we have to get up and fight and put an end to this madness! We must eliminate all the viruses eating away at my precious like a cancer, we have to act now before it's to late!!
Video Killed the Radio Star!!!
by rachel February 21, 2004
The mother of modern music. first played by the creaters of this music form such as bill haley and his comets and many more. Rock requires talent a brain to actually know what rock is (instead of avril) and none hell of a lung capacity. Without rock there would be none of the great music we have today.
Did you hear the bass guitarest in that rock band
by ROCKTEACHER101 October 23, 2003