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19 definitions by Wigga

1) Slang term for the female vagina.
2) An inept person.
3) ne 1 who spelz lk dis. r u 1??? u no who u r.
Is it in your twat yet? That's your taint?
Look at that silly twat.
r ne u twats on aol 2?
by Wigga May 09, 2003
7170 4894
Originally a slang term for fecal matter now commonly used as an all-purpose exclamation, noun, verb, adjective or adverb.
You don't get the shit unless you got the shit. And if you want the shit you gots to flaunt the shit. You gotta center the shit before you enter the shit. Make sure you choose the shit before you use the shit.
'Cause if you abuse the shit, you gonna lose the shit.
by Wigga May 02, 2003
587 346
Anyone who makes up their own words and babbles them in a monotone with tired 1990s clichés about drugs, violence, sex, and money over a repetitive beat box and synthesizer loop with his hand on his crank. Usually has several "musicians" to back him up in case the other "band" wants to steal his equipment and sell it for crack. To portray a false illusion of musical talent they usually include a female soul singer in their recording so she can hide their crack in her panties.
Y'all wiggas will buy any CD by any raptard that the media will market to your demographic. MTV is one of the biggest marketers of raptards.
by wigga June 24, 2003
145 59
ppl who cant spel b-cuz day do dis to much
ne u cyber? i "masterbate"
by Wigga May 09, 2003
205 136
Common greeting from an unidentfied Internet user requesting information about your age, gender and place of residence. Common among AOL users and trollers of chat rooms. Authors usually spells plurals with a "Z".
asl plz??? 12/m/wiggatown u? r u on aol 2? u got mail? lol u lk 50 cent? wrd 2 yr mutha. ur gay fagit.
by Wigga May 02, 2003
104 36
uk slang 4 'Get ur act togetha'
wat u playin at fool 'fix up look sharp'
by wigga July 30, 2004
66 12
"For sure my wigger" I do heartily concur with that my caucasian acquaintance who wears his baseball cap with the bill to the back. I am in agreement with your query suburban crack dealer wannabe. I happen to share the same opinion there Vanilla Ice lookin' motherfucker.
Dayton rims on my hizzundizzay? Fo shigga my wigga. Da 90z r here 2 stay!
by wigga June 24, 2003
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