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wide range of music, probably the largest class, involving guitars generally used to make a whole lotta noise. anyone that thinks rock is bad has no idea what rock is past whatever they saw on mtv.
i, wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day
by grisha July 16, 2003
631 324
n. slang for crack cocaine
by reptiles October 04, 2002
512 307
something that's sublime or good
You saw that movie! It rocks!
by E.Sie July 29, 2004
278 122
Testicles, especially when used concerning masturbation.
"Honey, what's that repetitive sound in Johnny's room every night?" "Ah don't worry about it, he's just getting his rocks off."
by MarkyB August 03, 2005
335 186
best music, people who are dissing it have only heard the crappy pop rock that gets played on mtv
rock on!
by grisha July 16, 2003
352 243
crack rocks, a drug that is smoked out of a pipe by a crack head
Tyrone Biggums-I smoke rocks!
by Chris Santos December 21, 2005
151 72
1)Something, usually an event, that is enjoyable, fun, kickass etc
2)A form of praise or thanks
The club rocked last night
Thanks for getting me a drink man - you rock!
by Malibu Spike April 17, 2004
226 151