1) A police officer from the mysteriously 1980's-like future Detroit area. He apparently has some sort of bullet-making apparatus in him because he never runs out of bullets... EVER.
2) Along with Terminator 1 and 2, RoboCop 1, and in some cases RoboCop 2, make up the best cyborg fiction movies ever.
3) A term used by idiots, most of whom never saw the (awesome) 1987 movie. If their girlfriend really was like him, they would have, like, 80 bullet holes in them on the 2nd night and two lost limbs.
1. (In the movie) OCP has just invented the latest in police technology... RoboCop!!!

2. Job: RoboCop is an amazing movie. So is the 2nd sequel and the terminator movies with Arnold. But John Connor is a stupid douche.

3. Kanye: Cuz I don't want no RoboCop
by scratchmaster101 February 25, 2011
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ejaculate semen into a bucket and invert it on to your lady friend's head
"Watch me Robocop that ho"
by DJ Gonz September 29, 2007
One of the best movies of the 1980s.
And Robocop kicked the shit out of ED-209, Cain, and the Ninja Robot.
by Murphy July 10, 2003
A girlfriend who is very controlling, calls you on the phone all the time just to see if you are doing something she doesn't like, and wants to go through all your belongings to look for trace elements of other females.
Person A: dog, is that your girlfriend calling you again?
Person B: *sigh* yeah, she's been bitching at me for the past week!
Person A: man, you don't need that robocop!

*ring ring*
Guy: Hello?
Girl: Hey, where the HELL have you been? You were supposed to be home an HOUR ago!!! If I smell any alcohol on you, it's over!!
Guy: Damn, I ain't need a Robocop anyways!
by AJ Allen December 08, 2008
People at the drugstore that watch people buying robitussin.
"The robocop got John when he went to buy it for the third time in a week."
by pheel June 07, 2003
A crime fighting robot/man who runs on MS-DOS 3.3, carries a gun in his leg. Robocop was also known as Alex Murphy formerly (Before he died).
Robocop shot the bad guy coming out of the supermarket.
by Dee-En-Dee June 08, 2003
Annoyingly paranoid/"overprotective" (euphemism) girl/lady friend thats always into her guys business. Generally leads to nothing-fights about other girls or friends that have no true relevance. Generally "patrols" myspace posts, facebook walls, unattended cell phones for evidence that her guy is talking with someone else, or he is up to anything else she doesnt know about.
"Man, she's screamin at me about some message Jessica left on my wall like 2 weeks ago. Jess lives 2000 miles aways man!"

"Man that robocop knows your facebook better than you do, better make sure you aint leavin your phone around her. be readin texts in no time..."
by tj_g December 04, 2008
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