A term used to describe a parent or guardian that is very protective and strange. Mainly used by nerds
"Robocop Totally Busted Me."
Meaning that the "nerd" is grounded.
by Halaballah Dingdong March 16, 2008
Riot Police in full riot gear. The generic Robocop comes with black shiny shin guards, black shiny helmet, and black shiny body armour. Their visors are black, and they have black gasmasks. Robocops are deployed in battalions.
"Look at that dumbass, he just kicked a robocop and now 10 robocops are giving him some Baton Courtesy. Haha stupid little freak!"
by D.E March 18, 2004
When a person is giving another head in a vehicle, also know as road head
Did you seen that girl givin' Keith some of that robocop, Hope his wife don't catch them.
by Ashley Ann December 19, 2007
When you go home and your going to take your girl friend dead or alive.
"Yo Bob, Robocop that bitch"
"Dead or alive"
by Sherman November 11, 2007
The sexual climax for a man in which, during the session of sex, is smoking a blunt and just as he reaches climax, promptly puts the previously mentioned blunt out in the belly button of the given female, and simutaneiously ejaculates onto the abdominal region to "seal the deal".
I definately "Robocop'd" her last night.
by Maustrap March 04, 2008
a term used to strengthen a promise - if u are certain u will do something u 'robocop' it.......... basically means that if u break ur promise - intentionally or not - u will be shaved from ear to ear, to ur forehead, and eyebrows by the person/s u made the promise to.
i am giving up smoking from tomorrow - robocop

robocop i'll be out tomorrow night
by toyah August 05, 2007
A person who is really fucked up on robitussin.
Person 1: Dude, is he Robocop?
Person 2: Dude! That movie sucked.
by Chris Vehemence October 28, 2006

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