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Robo, short for Robitussin, is slang for any DXM-containing product, not just Robitussin brand items. These include Delsym, Vicks, or Zicam. Ingesting recreational doses causes you to robotrip.

Doses are divided into 4 (or 5 plateaus). The lower plateaus cause euphoria and some closed eye visuals (CEVs). The upper plateaus cause dissociation, CEVs, and sometimes open eye visuals (OEVs). The 5th plateau (Plateau Sigma) is reached by redosing multiple times.

An easily accessible drug, it is a favorite for high school kids. Because of this, it has a label as a "kiddie drug". In reality, it is a strong dissociative hallucinogen that produces a very unique trip.
What's wrong with John?

by Uncle Dexter September 01, 2010
9 11
one who is always right... i.e. who's never wrong
i think u are mistaken...shut up dude !! shes a robo .
by funkgaurav August 20, 2011
26 31
The opposite of Emo, (meaning emotional). Robo is when someone shows no feelings.
For example:

1) "Hey dude, why are you being so robo right now?"

2) "Your so emo". "Well, your so robo."

3) "God Timmy, I thought we had something special, but you have just been all robo through the break up. Its like you dont have any feelings for me at all!"
by evilmurdererkstarrsldeathblood March 10, 2011
7 13
An incredibly sexy guy. Shaggy haired and sweet as hell.Plays football and kicks serious ass on the field. Hung like a moose and rough and wild in bed. An amazing lover,the kind of guy every girl wants.
" I met a guy last night, he was sweet,sexy,and had a massive dick. "

" I wish I could meet a Robo. "
by Motherleopard3 November 05, 2011
2 11
A robot hobo, not to be confused with a romo.
Hobo1: "Let's give a friendly welcome to this new robo."
Bender: "What did you call me?!"
Hobo2: "A Robo. You know ... a robot hobo."
Bender: "Oh, ok, I thought you said romo."
by dirty houdini April 20, 2005
73 91
Another way of saying excessively.
As in the movie "Kickin It Old Skool", the little asian guy says "I look robo retarted".
by iecutie24 May 02, 2008
5 34
Big gold metal guy in Chrono Trigger who can punch the shit out of enemies very fast once you learn that technique.
He can unlock stuff in 2300 AD
by ryan April 29, 2004
27 58