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Black male magnet. Can also mean fat chick or anyone that attracts a high volume of black men.
Lisa has such a big bootie. She is a total BMM.
by shadycat August 12, 2007
prepare to die

What is about to follow is earth shattering news. Something amazing, surprising, awesome, ironic, or shocking is about to be said.
PTD, Michelle! Mike asked DeeDee to marry him!

PTD, Patrick got a new job and he's moving to Pittsburgh in three weeks.

by shadycat August 18, 2007
The phenomenon where smart people start hanging out with dumb people and become dumber.
I can't believe how much Debbie has changed since she met Robert. There's been complete intelligentrification. I don't think she's played chess in months.
by shadycat June 23, 2008
Robitussin ingested in excess in order to get high. Robo] is commonly used by ghetto locals and college students due to accessibility and low cost.
We got wrecked last night. We split a bottle of Black Velvet and a bottle of Robo].
by shadycat March 01, 2008

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