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A hardcore mother fucker who beats the shit out of gang bangers trying to steal his car. Also known to beat up drug dealers in order to steal their stash.
"Duude, that guy was a total faggot; he's the type of guy I would have beasted on back in the day."
by Jesus August 05, 2003
the act of giving or receiving Road Head
if a BoBO is a blow job.... then a RoBo must be road head
by hunter maloney November 28, 2005
Slang term for a low level hallucinogen found in some over the counter cough medicine. It's name is dextrmethorphan or dxm for short. It's popular among mid-teens.
Person 1: dude let's hit CVS up for robo
Person 2: fuck yeah bro! I haven't had robo in over a month!
by DrKoolKid September 06, 2014