an amazingly wonderful woman. capable of handling anything that comes her way with grace. knowledgeable in a number of areas, and intelligent enough to acquiesce when the subject matter is out of her realm. unfortunately, she is also not sure of herself, and whenever a compliment is received or a talent acknowledged, she assumes the person conferring is merely being generous.
if you need help, robin is available; and if not, she can direct you to one who is.
by depressionrus November 16, 2011
The sexiest most bad-ass-mo-fo in the world. Robin's always have large penises and can often be found flirting up the ladies they can pick up anyone. They are often super buff and sleep with a minimum of 14 girls a week. They are also super entertaining and funny and can make everyone smile.
1. Holy shit that guy has a huge dick ! What a robin !!

2. Wow that guy just picked up 149 chicks in a month what a fuckin robin, wish i was him!

3 Robin can pick up anychick he wants and he has a huge dick GOD I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM!!
by the kinkiest mofo eva June 03, 2009
noun: robin, usually referring to a very down to earth, gregarious and sexy woman, is commonly defined by penetrating eye contact, sincerity, and humor, and, is most often found outside basking in the sunshine, lush-ing it up at the local watering hole, or being whisked away in a daydream.
wow, that hot chick dancing on the fountains in front of low library was quite definitely a robin!

lets robin it up and head down to the park.

she was such a robin!
by pumpernickel25 November 25, 2011
The most amazing person in the world. She's beautiful, smart, funny, HOT, and just fun to be around. Her smile lights up the room when she walks in. She's always happy, and is the sweetest person you will every meet. You'll be lucky to get a Robin!!
Dude, that Robin is FINE!!

Damn, that girl must be a Robin.
by ilovelifesoshouldyou June 04, 2011
Robin is an environmentalist.
Robin: I love the birds, I love the bees, I love the oceans, and the trees. I am an environmentalist and a damn good one.
by Clitty June 11, 2005
Someone who you love, but can never have. No matter what the circumstance is between you two, even though you are just friends, deep down you will always love this person and you will never stop loving them.
Ted: Man, I love this girl, but she has a boyfriend and it it really working out between them
Barney: Dude, she's your Robin
by Lance Ted Mosby Hardwood June 23, 2014
Nice and friendly
Always talks (sometimes to much)

And loves to give people cheds(espicially people called james)
Robin is awesome cause she is her :D
by Nick the thunder stealer November 08, 2011
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