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A tall amazon looking blonde child who acts like a spoiled whore and has many different guys and it seems as if she has a new one on the daily. Often has huge fits of anger usually because she does not get her way or because of some boy.
She's throwing another Robin fit...
by Hisbabygirl:) June 28, 2009
26 136
A nickname for an exceptionally hairy person, usually a guy. As in Robin Williams.
"Jeez, Robin! The swim team's never gonna make it to state with your body hair!"
by Roxelana Hart October 07, 2007
49 161
A cheap car where there was no money to install a fourth wheel.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Robin!
by Koos Busters May 25, 2005
18 131
Is a word to be used by itself in the certain situation as followed:
A conversations between two or more males turns gay, like a no homo, except instead of excusing the action, it erases it. Inspiration from Robin herself. Coined by Harrison Bergeron and David Fall.
Harrison: Broski, my balls always hurt when I shave them.
David:....(note: too awkward for a no homo)
Harrison: ROBIN
David: Anyways, my mom said I can't get GTA4
Harrison: What a bitch.
(note: conversation drops and is never mentioned after "ROBIN" is called)
by DavidFallnHarrisonBergeron January 29, 2009
11 127
An ugly chick who has no talent what so ever. Short and looks slightly birdlike..most commonly found somewhere in west texas. Quite rude in demeanor and extremely crude in stature.
Boy: dude...did you see the cheerleading try out video?
Girl: yeah...that blonde chick is a TOTAL robin

Boy: hey..aren't you that ex cheerleader?
Robin: if i give you head can we pretend i made the squad?
by bitch_done_did_it November 03, 2009
17 148
a nice, outgoing, attractive, and funny but is gay.
Robin is a fun guy that is super gay.
by ballerinachick123 August 27, 2008
37 186
An act that is usless and unnecessary. A person who makes decisions that are useless. A management style that drives away current and potential employees. Also can be used as an insult of the highest nature. Also a person who builds chellos in their spare time.
Wow you just wasted 5 hours of time, what a ROBIN. That was pointless, way to be a ROBIN. No dont do that that would be a ROBIN decision.
by Zak-a-Mus Prime September 20, 2007
37 198