Sweetest guy on the planet. It can be said he cares too much about everything. Hard working and intelligent to say the least. Has a hard time relaxing but it doesn't really show.
That guy is going somewhere in life.... Must be a Robbie
by twoshort March 31, 2011
Top Definition
A very nice man who likes to steal obese children from their homes at night, then making them lose weight before returning them back to their parents. Usually unscathed.
"Dude, Billy Jean got robbied last night."
"About time, he was such a fat ass. Hopefully he'll be able to move without needing that forklift when he gets back."
by billyjean_1234523 February 04, 2008
The man with abs of steel. Not only is he too sexy for his clothes, but he's smart as hell too. You would want to feel him up. Even if your a guy. ESPECIALLY if your a guy. He's so attractive, he turns straight men gay. Unfortunately, his heart belongs to nobody.

Teacher : You're so sexy robbie, want to go behind the portable and... ahem?

Robbie : No teacher, not only are you a male, but my heart belongs to nobody.

Teacher : *runs out crying*

Hot girl : what about me robbie?

Robbie : No. You may be very sexy and italian, but still... My heart belongs to nobody.

Other kid : wait... If the teacher is gone crying, then who will teach us??


Robbie: fine. but nobody better come on to me...

other hot girls: too late!
by MSooRi April 24, 2009
a great guy who is so easy to open up to. The first guy i ever cried over. He has a beautiful smile and a sweet fro.
Robbie is over there you should go talk to him.
by natalie June 17, 2005
a very nice man that has a big heart, tries to always do the best for everybody else but never achieves anything himself because of this
1 girl "he helped me with my problem"
2 girl "hes a robbie"
by einstein1849 March 29, 2009
A cool, extremely smart stoner boy who always skips school, and is high 24/7. If he actually is in school, the only thing he will ever do if tests and quizes. He doesn't take notes, and he can get 80% and higher. Don't you wish you were him??
Dont bug robbie, or bother doing it, he will respond negatively to you.
Hes the kid who will start to smoke it up in the shop room anc blow it through the vent. Now thats smart!!
Robbie is an awesome kid. He works hard for his money, but spends his money on weed and alcohol. Robbie has siblings who either join his act of crime, or go against him and rattle tattle on him.
Robbie is the kind of guy who everyone knows he's a lil druggie, but everyone L-O-V-E-S him! Go robbie!
Teacher: Wheres robbie
kids: hes.. uhh at the dentist!
Teacher: oh.. K..

*light light light inhale, blowww*
hippie teacher: robbie what are you doing?!
Robbie: what the hell do you think?
Hippie teacher: robbie hit me man!
Both: fuck ya ahh this is the life

Hannah: eh boy, you baked?
Robbie: fuck off
by AlkoholycAnonymous April 07, 2009
when somthing good happens somthing bad has to happen...
'i got laid last night but then the condom split'
'that is such a robbie'
by edgar hamps March 29, 2008
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