2 definitions by benvolioajk

an amazing person to have as a friend but is gramatically challenged and will automatically correct spelling mistakes in your work without asking
"omg he did it again"
"what?, he went through your work didn't he"
"yeah, he's such a robbie"
by benvolioajk April 10, 2009
a person who is a complete failing man slut who pushes people away as soon as befriending them.

rude, loud, annoying with pointless puns which arnt funny, and trys to get with girls who are well know for one of their friends likeing them as more than a friend. a complete FAIL
hey stay away from him, he's a Jacob he might try and get your girlfriend.

i hate him, he's a total Jacob, annoying, load, and not funny at all
by benvolioajk April 10, 2009

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