A robber steals with force, brutality and intimidation. Unlike a thief, who often times does not come to contact with the person he/she steals from. More of an assailant then anything.
See that boy? his baggy pants do hide a bludgeon, and his hood serves him as a crude disguise. The boy aspires to be a robber.
by Bianco August 02, 2007
A self serving public official, who looks to his own pocket and status rather than to the people he represents.
Term derives from the 'robber barons' of English medieval history.
Community at Heart's Emperor Ralph is a prime example of a robber
by black flag June 24, 2004
A term used when recieving change with the desire to not recieve low value coins or "coppers"
Dude, spare me the coppers and just give me the robbers
by theholyostritchmongerer April 19, 2011
The slang term for a robdom. A robdom is a variation of condom designed specifically to prevent the transfer of the sexually transmitted diseases, Connorhea and Shellydia. The results of testing have been less than effective, however.
Erica: I'm supposed to hang out with Shelly and Connor tonight.

Rob: You better wear a robber, or else you'll get something.

Erica: I got that MONTHS ago. It's terminal....
by Rob Busick February 10, 2011
While doing a chick in the behind, go through the same movements as donkey punch, except you use brass knuckles to knock the woman unconsious. You then continue your business and get the f*ck outta there, with your pride.
I robbed that bitch last night so hard! thank god she was out cold or id have a lawsuit on my hands!
by Alex May 27, 2004
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