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Verb. To be extremely high or stoned to the point of upmost insanity. If one was to be roasting marshmallows then he or she will be non-compliant with any task.
"Dude i was totally Roasting Marshmallows last night"

"man let's Roast some Marshmallows
by PimpDocterAce November 23, 2009
3 2
term referring to a person who in an (usually FPS)online multiplayer who sits in one spot, camping, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to walk by.
Red- *runs up past a rock)
Blue- *shoots Red)
Red- OMG! you f*cking camping noob!
Blue- It's a legitimate strategy!
Red- I guess you like roasting marshmallows.
by Onurb June 15, 2007
8 5