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term referring to a person who in an (usually FPS)online multiplayer who sits in one spot, camping, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to walk by.
Red- *runs up past a rock)
Blue- *shoots Red)
Red- OMG! you f*cking camping noob!
Blue- It's a legitimate strategy!
Red- I guess you like roasting marshmallows.
by Onurb June 15, 2007
Verb. To be extremely high or stoned to the point of upmost insanity. If one was to be roasting marshmallows then he or she will be non-compliant with any task.
"Dude i was totally Roasting Marshmallows last night"

"man let's Roast some Marshmallows
by PimpDocterAce November 23, 2009
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