Extra long and dark labias resembling curtains made of roast beef.
Her roast beef curtains covered her sweet massive yeast cabinet.
by Jose85 October 22, 2006
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The freakishly large inner labia of a woman's vagina after it has seen extensive abuse. It sometimes resembles two slices of medium-rare roast beef.
Farrah's dungeon master pierced her roast beef curtains with a rusty fish hook.
by Jay E. Griffin April 01, 2008
an extremly loose beat up vagina,one probably beglonging to a cock mising whore. this common dysfunction occurs when the vagina is entered by several partners over a period of time.the lips of the abused overused vagina droop causing a curtain like effect,and the brownish pink coler is reminisant of roast beef.
man i pulled her draws down and her roast beef curtains droped to her knees.
by ass slut lover! December 07, 2003
A girl who has large floppy vagina lips.
No one can find Katie's clit because her roastbeef curtains are in the way
by Calin July 11, 2006
A visual description of the labia minora resembling a thinly sliced piece of rare roast beef hanging like a drape. This resemblance is more pronounce on women whose labia minora overhangs her labia majora leaving the edges darker in tone to the pink or ruby color of the inner vagina. Most commonly used when referring to cunnilingus or "going down" on your girl, a particularly pleasurable form of foreplay.
"Hey baby, you mind if I taste me some of your roast beef curtain?"

"I'm takin' her home for some roast beef curtain. Know wha'I'm sayin'?"

"Maybe I could have a bit of your roast beef curtain while I wait for Mr. Viagra?"
by Frankie Mathers October 23, 2006
In female humans, the outer labia. See also: meat drape
I was gonna fuck Bobbi Sue, but after examining her roast beef curtain, I decided against it.
by Jimmy July 10, 2003
when a woman has long,floppy pussy lips
Holy shit, did you see that roast beef curtain?
by B514 December 05, 2006

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