In female humans, the outer labia. See also: meat drape
I was gonna fuck Bobbi Sue, but after examining her roast beef curtain, I decided against it.
by Jimmy July 10, 2003
When a vagina has been excessively sexed to the point that the lips looks like curtains made out of roastbeef.
Yo Fez did you see the Roastbeef curtains on that stripper?
by Tom Molnar October 19, 2007
Ex 1. When a girls pussy is so loose that it looks its throwing up, and there extra meat hanging out.

Ex.2 A certain Summer Set re-rack in beer pong you can only get when you have 5 cups, the vagina with a little extra or a diamond with one at the top aka roast beef curtains.
Ex 1. "You know that girl Dubbe, I heard she got a case of Roastbeef curtains"

Ex.2 "Let me get Roastbeef curtains" (While doing a Floppy hand waving with motorboatin your lip)
by Trizzle Tizzle October 12, 2009
a floppy, open, or gaping vagina
dude how was shelly. man she had a fuckin roast beef curtain....shit was gross
by creag December 27, 2005
loose folds of skin which hangs from either side of the vaginal opening on some women
"I needed bungee cords and clothes pins to keep her roast beef curtains out of my way as I orally pleasured her."
by Scott Martin June 29, 2006
the female labia majora and minora
thumb tickler
pink taco
She farted and her roast beef curtains moved.
by kathryn million August 04, 2006
the outer streached out portion of the vagina-especially after hard vaginal intercourse or gang bang.
I beat up her vag so bad last night she had roast beef curtains.
by wackjack9 March 12, 2009

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