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A very powerful sexual climax causing one to scream loudly.
Wow, ever since she's been taking Wellbutrin, she's having multiple roargasms every night.
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
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A compelling feeling to roar immediately after climax. Can be performed in the style of any animal that makes a recognisably loud roar. A male should however create an individual roar for his gasm
Example 1: Last night was so good I used my signature Roargasm while ejaculating.

Example 2: I need to create my own Roargasm
by Abizzle94 August 30, 2010
a loud orgasm.
"I heard michelle's roargasm from across the street last night!"
by sgtcpm March 15, 2009
an orgasm so intense, you roar like a mighty lion.
"Jim Morrison's grave was so exhillirating, and absolute, i almost had a roargasm"
by imnotwhoyouare July 29, 2009

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