1.) Rules of the road.
2.) "ROAD RULES" a popular reality tv show (on mtv) portraying the lives of six strangers in a van driving to various locations trying to win challenges.
"Throw out the rules. These are the road rules!"
by ignacio July 21, 2003
MTV show where 6 teamates completes missions to win MONEY....lots of fighting and bitch slapping...
Join Road Rules to be bitch-slap by someone you loath
by Kath July 26, 2003
Rules of the road baby
We must adhere to the road rules
by hahaha July 22, 2003
n. Slang term for a firearm, usually a semi-automatic pistol.
When the SWAT element came through the door, the drug dealer pulled his gat on them.
by Spock July 13, 2003
That show on MTV
Road Rules
by Gabe July 12, 2003
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