the act of getting domed while DRIVING

CAUTION: !not for beginners!
I was getting road head and crashed into a telephone pole.
by ED March 26, 2005
To receive cunnilingus or fellatio while driving a motor vehicle.
Road head for a woman may involve a solid tongue lashing.
by WFern April 26, 2009
mobile oral facilitator, blow job in car, bus, boat, train, plane, or spaceship
I was driving down the road and she gave me road head!!!
by Burger15 October 06, 2011
Road head is sucking a guy off while he's driving. Hazards include decreased concentration in recipient of said blowjob, risk of sticky white stain on pants if your girl isn't a swallower, and of course getting caught by a cop

—Unofficial Guide to Giving Road Head—

Road head is awesome. The adrenaline rush of flying down the road with a dick down your throat is addicting. You just have to trust your man's driving ability.

Build up to it properly. Maybe he likes you to tease him first, or maybe it turns him on if you just attack him; road head is not about you, it's about him. Yeah, give this definition a big thumbs down if you think that's sexist, but I'm a girl and I take pride in giving great blowjobs, and giving great blowjobs means doing what he likes.

Wet your mouth. I don't care if the only thing in your vehicle is a three-day-old can of Dr Pepper, chug that bitch. Work up some spit in your mouth, get on your knees in the seat, and go for the D.

DO NOT use teeth. Keep in mind that the owner of this dick is driving the car you're riding in. Make it the best blowjob ever. If you're good at it, a blowjob is better for him than sex. So look your hottest, suck him till he cums and swallow it. Nothing good ever came of spitting, and anyway cum is a great source of protein!

Follow this guide and I guarantee you your man will never fuck your pussy again, he'll like your tongue too much
My boyfriend plays Backroad by Corey Smith in his truck when he's in the mood, so I curl up in the seat with my head in his lap, pull out his huge dick and suck it like it was the last blowjob of my life. He scratches my back, pulls my hair and slaps my ass because he knows what I like. After he cums down my throat, he pulls me up to him and kisses me, and says "damn baby, that was the best road head ever! I almost said the L word!"
by Setting_the_record_straight February 03, 2015
When the pavement in front of a car forms into a giant head with spikey teeth and devours said car, crushing the life out of anyone inside.
Josh: How'd Tim die?

Greg: Road head got another one.

Josh: That's the fifth one this week!
by Magnesium Sulfide September 29, 2009
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