getting head while your driving
As soon as I get my license I'm get'n some slut to give me some road head.
by Dr. Dick May 26, 2002
What the minger #2 said while listening to Weird Al. Bascially what everyone else said: To receive oral sexual pleasure while operating a motorized vehicle.
"Ah frick man, look Yolanda is giving road head!"
by Stive April 11, 2004
When a male is driving a motor vehicle and recieves oral.
It was looking to be a long drive, so I asked my boyfriend, "Arthur, I'm bored, will you give me road head?" I leaned over and kissed him, making him softly moan. I licked for entrance to his mouth and he complied, and I explored the inside of his mouth, running my tongue across his teeth and dancing with his own. I was half-hard just from the kiss. He pulled away blushing and agreed to give the head. I refocused on the road, although my attention hitched as he pulled down the zipper with his teeth and pulled down the boxers over my erection with his hand. I gasped audibly as he licked sexily from base to tip then swallowed me all at once. Arthur began to move his head up and down, expertly deep throating me. Before long, my erection was weeping, and he was playing with the slit with his tongue. By this time, I was almost unable to keep the car going in a straight line, even though I had switched to cruise long before. "Arthur! I'm...g-going!" he started to moan against me, humming along to the song we had playing on the radio. The vibrations made it so I couldn't control myself. I came into his mouth screaming "Arthur!", and he expertly swallowed my orgasm. Then I looked up to correct my driving. I readjusted my trajectory and continued on course while Arthur used a Kleenex to wipe up the saliva and spillage still on myself. Arthur then leaned in to kiss me again and I could taste myself. Weakly, I mumbled, "I love you, Arthur." He smiled and kissed me again.
by Kiya White July 01, 2011
Oakville Ont. slang for the girlfriend who has perma-shot gun in her boyfriends car.
Guy 1: SHOT GUN!
Guy 2: Road Head obviously gets shot gun.
by Smtt May 19, 2006
the event in which, while driving an automobile, the driver performs fellatio on the passenger
Most insurance policies do not cover accidents caused by a negligent driver giving his passenger road head.
by Adrian B November 12, 2006
checking your blackberry while driving home in the dark and your eyes have gone bad
John Edwards drove his car off a bridge while giving road head.
by Not Merkin November 07, 2006
a dude gets his dick sucked while driving...for best results, let another dude do it...guys give better head
I'm not gay, I just let some fag give me road head when I drive around at night.
by awesome guy December 16, 2003

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