roadhead see head is getting head while driving
"My driving instructor gives awsome roadhead"
by tylerrlm March 16, 2007
the act of getting domed while DRIVING

CAUTION: !not for beginners!
I was getting road head and crashed into a telephone pole.
by ED March 26, 2005
To be give Head while on the road
That girl gives some awesome roadhead.
by Chickywow November 05, 2007
To receive cunnilingus or fellatio while driving a motor vehicle.
Road head for a woman may involve a solid tongue lashing.
by WFern April 26, 2009
mobile oral facilitator, blow job in car, bus, boat, train, plane, or spaceship
I was driving down the road and she gave me road head!!!
by Burger15 October 06, 2011
When the pavement in front of a car forms into a giant head with spikey teeth and devours said car, crushing the life out of anyone inside.
Josh: How'd Tim die?

Greg: Road head got another one.

Josh: That's the fifth one this week!
by Magnesium Sulfide September 29, 2009
getting head while your driving
As soon as I get my license I'm get'n some slut to give me some road head.
by Dr. Dick May 26, 2002

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