Relaxation masturbation.
Man this is hard after this I need to have some R.M.
by yogaba November 27, 2010
Top Definition
A returned LDS missionary. Highly prized by LDS girls who have a sweet spirit and burning testimony.
I hear she's dating an RM. I hope my temple reccomend is up to date.
by XRM August 21, 2004
Term used in StarCraft...It means "remake"...
Player 1: o sorry guys!
Player 2: omfg...rm, same name.
by SC.Zee September 24, 2003
rm is the code used to mean "remove" when using linux bash shells. Thus it can sometimes be used as an abbreviation of "remove" in normal talk
rm -rf /

"You are a target and will be rm'd"
-LulzSec, Anti-Sec Manifesto
by The New Lunar Republic June 21, 2011
R.M. stands for retarded midget or in rare cases Retarded Mini-Person. This type of little person has not only been stricken by dwarfism but is also mentally retarded. They can be found in fast food resturants, as janitors, and in supervised R.M. groups. In the instance an R.M. is spotted, the person should make no loud noises or sudden movements, as the R.M. may attack out of instinct.
"Holy shit! On my way home from work I stopped at Wendy's and a R.M. was working the pay window. Luckily I avoided eye contact and slowly removed my food from it's tiny little grasp. I'm just happy I made it out alive."
by Dark Talon XXX July 26, 2006
Abreviation for real man
That was a RM ass kicking you just gave him!

Thats an RM cigar right there son.
by Joe F Smith February 25, 2010
rm means retarded midget
kez: he called me a rm...? wat tht mean...?
sam: aaah, he called you a retarded midget...?!
by samantha chick a dee October 20, 2009
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